Sustainable Community Tourism

Napo Wildlife Center

An ecological complex built with traditional Kichwa architecture. An exclusive place in the middle of the rainforest of Yasuní; with only 20 private cabins, 12 standard suites and 8 luxury suites. The cabins are decorated with autochthonous furniture and are fully equipped with a private room with hot water, ventilation, energy and a balcony with the most incredible views of the jungle and Añangu lagoon.

The Napo Wildlife Center is a good example of ecotourism projects. The community has invested in a unique environmental system, probably the best and most advanced in the Amazon. All wastewater is processed to keep the wetlands clean. Energy is also generated by solar panels, industrial batteries and silent generators, which is an efficient system with minimal impact on the environment.

Napo Cultural Center


Discover the Napo Cultural Center, which offers modern accommodation, first-class services and direct contact with the Kichwa community. Try our traditional cuisine and share ancestral rituals such as the Wayusada Ceremony or the Kichwa Catamaran that emulates our trade routes along the river – this is an unforgettable experience!