Currently, the community has two projects called "Clean Technologies," a solid waste management project and a productive project, which are detailed below.


This project will take advantage of the organic waste from the kitchens of the Napo Cultural Center, Napo Wildlife Center and community dining room, to obtain biogas, which will be used to supply the kitchens of the Napo Cultural Center and the community dining room. This will allow savings in the purchase of fuel, contributing to the care of the environment and the efficient use of resources.

Another benefit of this system is the obtaining of organic fertilizer (Biol), which results from the waste already processed through the biodigester; this material will be used in the fertilization of the educational model farm and in the family farms, in order to improve productivity and obtain products without fertilization with agrochemicals. Its structure and operation are summarized below.

The biodigester is an airtight container that allows the decomposition of organic matter under anaerobic conditions and facilitates the extraction of the resulting gas for use as energy. The biodigester has an inlet for the organic material, a space for its decomposition, an outlet with a control valve for the gas (biogas) and an outlet for the processed material (bioabono).


Another project that has been implemented within the community is the use of solar panels, which capture solar energy and store it through a battery system and then distribute it to the various activities within the Napo Cultural Center, such as education, health and tourism, mainly.

This system makes it possible to reduce the use of electric generators that run on fuel obtained from petroleum (diesel). A solar panel (or solar module) is a device that harnesses the energy of solar radiation. The term includes solar collectors used to produce hot water (usually domestic), through solar thermal energy and photovoltaic panels used to generate electricity through solar photovoltaic energy.


Finally, within the operation of the new Lodge in the community, a waste management program that allows the proper functioning of tourism, protection of the environment and care of the community ornament is implemented.

This program is called "Recycling Center", which consists of a collection and sorting center for waste with the use of separate containers for waste materials such as cardboard, glass, plastic and medical waste strategically distributed in different sectors of the central part of the community. This is intended to provide appropriate management of non-biodegradable waste and thus contribute to the health of the population.