Who are we?

The Kichwa Añangu community has discovered in responsible ecotourism a good alternative for local development

It improves the quality of life, conserves the traditional activities of its communities and preserves nature; in turn, it generates employment, achieves the inclusion of poor populations into the productive system, empowers local natural and cultural resources, facilitates the development of social infrastructure and access to education and health, among others.

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Magical Amazonian Culture

The inhabitants
of this land

Within the territory comprising the Yasuní National Park, the community of Añangu has been recognized nationally and internationally for its work in favor of the preservation of the ecosystem and the environment, since it is a community in which there is no hunting or fishing, no timber is extracted or threat to the environment.


Located within the Yasuní National Park and Biosphere Reserve in a territory of 21400 ha.


A sustainable community with more than 180 members who live in the Amazon rainforest, preserving their environment and ancestral culture.

Community Tourism

A paradigm of community-based tourism in Ecuador, given that its activities are exclusively tourism and conservation.


The community operates and manages the Napo Wildlife Center and Napo Cultural Center ecological hotels, which receive hundreds of tourists annually.

Añangu Policies

Hunting, fishing and logging are prohibited in the territory, so it is very easy to spot wildlife.


All income from tourism is reinvested in community benefit projects such as energy, health, education and more.